Cover Letter & CV

Accounting Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for accounting and finance related job. Provides resume cover letter, job application and acceptance letters, letter of recommendation and thank you cover letter.
Actor Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for actors and acting related jobs. Provides acting sample resume cover letter and professional advice letter for actor’s job.
Administrative Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for administrative jobs. Provides sample cover letter to personal referral, job application and acceptance cover letter and resume cover letters.
Advertising Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for advertising and promotion. Cover letters for acceptance, rejection, acknowledging of job offers. Also provides letters for salary negociation and telephone phone follow up.
Banking Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for banking and investments related job. It has all types of cover letters like resume cover letter for banking job, job acceptance cover letter, thank you cover letter and reference cover letters.
Call Center Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for jobs in call centers. Cover letters for call center job application, job acceptance and salary negotiation.
Civil Construction Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for civil engineering & construction related jobs. Various types of cover letters for civil engineers and people working in (or planning to work in) construction industry.
Designing Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for any type of web or media designers. Provides resume cover letter for designing job with other cover letters like follow up, salary negociation and thank you letters.
Engineering Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for engineers. If you are in an engineering job or planning to shift, here are all cover letters ranging from job application resume cover letter to final thank you letter.
Legal Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for all sort of legal jobs. It has cover letters like resume cover letter for legal job and reference letter for suggestion for legal job.
Medical and Nursing Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for medical and nursing jobs. Provides medical resume cover letters with other letters like letter of recommendation and reference.
Military Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for military officers. It has job acceptance letter for military jobs and sample resume cover letter and thank you letter.
Pharmaceutical Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for pharmaceutical sales and chemists. Various pharmaceutical related cover letters like resume cover letter and salary negociation cover letter.
Programmer Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for programmers and IT industry. If you are in the field of programming then here are various programmers related cover letters ranging from job application to resignation.
Sales & Marketing Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for sales and marketing jobs. These cover letter shows how to write a cover letter for your sales or marketing job application or for your resume.
Student Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for students. Student’s cover letters are normally different. It shows how to write some student resume cover letters.
Teacher Cover Letters
Sample cover letters for teachers and teaching assistants. If you are a teacher or involved in teaching, these teacher cover letters show how to write good cover letters for teaching profession.
Resignation Cover Letters
Sample resignation cover letters. If you are resigning from a job and want to write a good resignation letter then checkout these resignation letters.
Scholarship Cover Letters
Cover letters in this section focus on the scholarship related jobs. Generally, scholarship is monetary grants offered by state government, college, charitable foundations and other public and private organizations and institutions.
Salary Requirement Cover Letters
Most of the job postings ask you to include your salary requirements and salary history when you are going to apply for the job. Here are the sample covering letters for the salary requirements.
Referral Cover Letters
A referral cover letter is given when an applicant is referred by somebody directly acquainted with the person who has an authority to make hiring decision for specific job openings.
Receptionist Cover Letters
Receptionist provides the first impression of any organization or company. Under this category we have listed several cover letters that will really help you in creating a winning cover letter for your job search.
Internship Cover Letters
Letters that comes under this category seems not different from cover letters for real paying job. While writing these letters don’t forget to mention your academic experience as well as past work experience.
Graphic Designer Cover Letters
Graphic design is a creative and innovative field. The main part of graphic design is communication with clients. Thus you should have good communication skills along with graphic skills. Here we provide you best graphic designer cover letters for related job and process for various activities.
Assistant Cover Letters
Competition for the post of assistant has been reached at very extreme degree. You have to present your self in a positive and exciting way so that you can match with the recruiters need. These assistant cover letters will really helpful for you in getting your dream job.
Consulting Cover Letters
Fantastic jobs are offered by consulting industry. Also there is a lot of competition to get a good job whether it is in management, marketing, technical, etc. Our consulting cover letters help you to get your dream job.
IT Cover Letters
An IT cover letter is one of the most important things to get a great information technology job. Our IT related letters will definitely help you to reach at the top the world in the field of information technology.
Judical Clerkship Cover Letters
A law clerk is person behind every great judge. His value is substantial. And judicial clerkship position is an important part of your legal training. Our cover letters of judicial clerkship can help your application get noticed.
Public Relations Cover Letters
This section includes public relation cover letter samples for professional experienced in media, publicity, print and broadcast communications.
Journalism Cover Letters
Our sample cover letters of journalism will be very helpful to you when you are preparing your own cover letters. If you need more samples then try this link.
Professional Cover Letters
Here are free professional cover letter samples that provide you some great ideas to prepare your own covering letter.
Financial Cover Letters
This letters provide you appropriate guidelines about how to apply for the jobs related to finance. The finance cover letter mentions your experience and special training along with knowledge of the job.
MBA Cover Letters
MBA is the greatly desired course in today’s world. Here are the sample MBA cover letters that help you to get a good job in management field.
Pilot Cover Letters
There are many jobs for pilots from military to commercial and to private. When you apply for the airline job your resume should be accompanied with a cover letter. These sample letters will definitely helpful for you.
Manager Cover Letters
Here are sample cover letters for applying for the manager’s job profile. Under this category you can find cover letters for IT manager, production manager, purchasing manager.
Networking Cover Letters
Sample networking cover letters that are used to communicate to your network that you are seeking employment.
Customer Service Cover Letters
Here are sample customer service cover letters to help college students and recent graduates.
Police Cover Letters
Police cover letter examples with skills in documentation, investigation and team leadership.
Executive Cover Letters
Sample executive cover letters for excutive in business development, sales and start up high growth venture capital positions.
Other Cover Letters
Cover letters in this section are focused on the other type of jobs such as circus, copywriter, etc. We offer other cover letters for related jobs and processes for various activities.
Technical Cover Letters
Find here sample cover letters for various jobs in technical field such as technical support, technical writer, technical illustrator, etc.

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